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Is your view of the world clouded by ​grimy windows? Unleash the crystal-​clear beauty of your home with ​professional window cleaning and ​experience a cascade of benefits.

Soft Washing

The eco-friendly alternative that ​restores your home's beauty ​without harming its health. ​Softwashing is a low-pressure ​application of biodegradable ​solutions to safely remove algae, ​mildew, and dirt, leaving your ​exterior refreshed.


Driveways endure constant wear ​and tear. Regular powerwashing ​removes harmful contaminants, ​preventing cracks and ​deterioration, and extending the ​lifespan of your investment.

Roofs & Gutters

Keep your home looking great ​with our friendly roof and ​gutter cleaning services! We ​remove debris, prevent water ​damage, and extend the life ​of your roof and gutters for a ​spotless, well-maintained ​exterior.

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Residential Benefits

Forget just a fresh coat – power washing is a full-body rejuvenation for your property! Imagine a deep-tissue cleanse that blasts away years of built-up grime, from algae and ​moss to stubborn stains and weathered surfaces. The result? A dazzlingly vibrant and elegant exterior that elevates your curb appeal, protects your investment, and creates a ​safe haven for your loved ones.

Boost Your Curb Appeal and Property Value: A sparkling clean exterior instantly commands attention in your neighborhood, acting as a beacon of pride and increasing your ​property value by up to 10%. Greet the world with a confident, radiant face that reflects the true character of your home.

Safety First: Slippery grime and moss pose a hidden danger, especially in wet weather. Power washing removes these hazardous hazards, creating a safe haven for you, your ​family, and anyone who visits. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is free from unexpected falls and slips.

Protect Your Investment: Your home is your most valuable asset. Regular power washing acts like a shield, safeguarding against harmful contaminants, preventing cracks and ​deterioration, and extending the lifespan of your siding, roof, and other exterior elements. Avoid costly repairs and replacements with this proactive investment in your ​property's longevity.

Champion the Environment: Choose eco-friendly powerwashing solutions and minimize your environmental impact. Embrace a guilt-free clean that revitalizes your property ​while respecting the planet. Show your commitment to sustainability and attract eco-conscious clients or tenants.

Breathe Easy in a Healthier Haven: Grime and allergens don't just look bad, they can also compromise your well-being. Power washing removes these unwanted guests, creating ​a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your loved ones to breathe freely in. Enjoy improved air quality and reduce allergy symptoms for a happier, healthier home.

Ready to unlock the hidden brilliance of your property? Contact us today for a free quote and experience the transformative power of professional power washing!

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Commercial Benefits

Transform your property from drab to fab and watch your brand image shine! Professional power washing isn't just a cosmetic upgrade – it's a strategic investment in your business, ​unlocking a treasure trove of benefits that attract customers, enhance safety, extend property life, and ultimately, increase your bottom line.

Ditch the Dirt, Attract More Clients:

Your building's exterior is the first impression you make. Impress potential customers and outshine competitors with a sparkling clean façade and pristine parking lot. A pressure-​washed property screams "professionalism" and builds trust with every gleaming surface.

Safety First, Profits Follow:

Slick sidewalks and grime-ridden pathways are accidents waiting to happen. Power washing removes these hazards, creating a safe haven for employees, clients, and deliveries. ​Reduce your liability risk and minimize insurance costs with proactive safety measures that ensure everyone can navigate your property with confidence.

Extend the Life of Your Investment:

Grime and weather are your property's worst enemies. Regular pressure washing washes away harmful contaminants, preventing cracks, leaks, and deterioration. This extends the ​lifespan of your building, saving you money on costly repairs and replacements in the long run. Invest in longevity, watch your maintenance budget smile.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers:

A clean and well-maintained environment boosts morale and productivity for your team. Pressure washing creates a more pleasant and professional workspace for employees, ​encouraging a positive work ethic and improved customer service. Clients will appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, translating to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your property? Contact us today for a free quote and experience the transformative power of professional power washing! Invest in your ​brand, your safety, and your bottom line – one sparkling surface at a time.

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About Us

Family-owned and Oklahoma-proud, we're deeply invested in our community and passionate about protecting it. That's why we're fully licensed and ​carry comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind. We wouldn't dream of touching your property without complete transparency and protection.

But enough about paperwork – let's talk brilliance! Shine America is the regional leader for a reason. We wield the best equipment in the hands of ​highly trained and skilled technicians. Whether it's power washing away years of grime, reviving your roof, or restoring crystal-clear windows, we ​leave nothing but dazzling results in our wake.

Commercial or residential? We handle it all, from sparkling storefronts to gleaming homes.

Power washing magic? Yep, we tackle tough stains, stubborn moss, and everything in between.

Roof rejuvenation? We bring your shingles back to life with gentle yet effective cleaning.

Window clarity? Say goodbye to streaks and hello to stunning, unobstructed views.

So, why choose Shine? It's simple:

We're your neighbors, not just another company. We treat your property like our own.

We use top-notch equipment and meticulous techniques for flawless results.

Transparency and trust are our cornerstones. You'll know exactly what you're getting, every step of the way.

We love making our community shine, one sparkling surface at a time.

Ready to witness the Shine America difference? Contact us today for a free quote and let's unlock the hidden brilliance of your property!

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